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You can get started with our 101 section — including10 Sports Betting Tips for Beginners— or head to more advanced strategy — likeKey Numbers When Betting Against the Spread— to learn more. When a betting line starts to move quite rapidly; most “steam but are games that the mass of bettors somehow decide to key on. The predicted scoring differential between two opponents as quoted by a sports book. Mainly used on East Coast with hockey, giving odds of a goal spread instead of Canadian Line where both a goal spread and moneyline is played. Stating that you will place bet only if one or both of the pitchers scheduled to start a baseball game actually start. The maximum amount a bookmaker will allow you to bet before he changes odds and/or the points; also the “cap” on what you can personally wager.

However, perhaps you’re not familiar with the mechanics of these wagers. Have no fear; by the end of this section, you’ll be able to teach others how to place a point spread bet. Potential Win is the amount that would be returned to you on a placed wager, prior to settlement or results being known. The potential win is determined based on the odds of the selections, the bet type and the wagered amount. A ‘Parlay’ bet is a bet placed on multiple outcomes all to occur. For a Parlay bet to win, all outcomes within the Parlay must be selected correctly.

In exchange for increasing your risk, the sportsbook will give you a better payout than if you had bet on each of the spreads individually. At most sportsbooks, you can parlay spreads with moneyline and point total bets. While novice bettors might think that betting on the underdog is smarter, that isn’t true at all.

To understand line movement, we need to first understand what a betting line is. The betting line can refer to any type of bet – a point spread, a moneyline, or an over/under total. Terms and Conditions apply to all advertised bonus offers on this website.

Tottenham are clear favourites and you’d think they will win comfortably. Asian Handicap betting makes it possible to raise the odds of a Tottenham win. In this scenario, you win the bet if Tottenham win with at least two goals.

A puckline is what a spread is called in the NHL, while a runline is associated with MLB betting. There are instances in both the NHL and MLB where you see a 2.5-point runline or puckline but those are few and far between, typically between your league leader and a cellar-dweller. The two most common margins of victory are three and seven points because of the type of scoring in the NFL. Point spread wagers often will be put into parlaysin which you make multiple bets on one slip for a larger payout.